Oops: How to Resolve a Yearbook Error

Ideally, your yearbook will come out error free and absolutely perfect. However, this is (unfortunately) not always the case. Whether a student accidentally gets omitted or a risqué inside joke gets printed in the senior sendoff pages, there are many different ways that a yearbook error can happen. While getting as many eyes as possible on the pages can help to prevent these mistakes from occurring in the first place, your staff needs to have a plan in case something does slip through the cracks. Here are some effective strategies for resolving yearbook blunders:

When a student’s picture gets omitted
Depending on how many students are impacted by the error, you have a couple of options:

  • Print a separate insert: If a large number of students were left out, consider printing a separate insert or adhesive strip (not sold by Picaboo Yearbooks) that contains the students’ pictures and names. This allows them to have their place in the yearbook, despite the error.
  • Offer a free yearbook: If just one or two students were left out, write a sincere letter of apology and offer them a free yearbook with the error corrected. Consider ordering a few yearbooks with the mistake corrected for them to enjoy and share with family members or close friends.
  • Reprint books on demand: When you work with Picaboo Yearbooks, you can escape the panic of a yearbook error thanks to our easy reprint program. We can quickly reprint your yearbook on demand, thus correcting the mistake and making sure that the finished product turns out exactly as it should have.

When pictures are mislabeled
In the event that a picture is labeled incorrectly or the wrong photo is used, rely on photo stickers. They correct the mistake thoroughly, while still blending in seamlessly with the rest of the book.

Know when an apology is all that will help
Sometimes there is nothing that a yearbook adviser or staff members can do to correct the mistake. In these instances, a heartfelt apology is the best way to make the situation right for the student who was affected. A mean-spirited joke that wasn’t spotted by the staff can result in hurt feelings that are hard to undo. Instead of ignoring a phone call or e-mail about the matter, make it a point to express your sincere apologies.

It’s not always easy to admit that the hours you spent on the yearbook resulted in a mistake, but it happens. And when it does, it’s important not to try to duck calls or hide. Face the errors head on and let the people who were impacted know that you are truly sorry and do care.

Preventing future errors
Of course, putting measures into place ahead of time can prevent the need to scramble to correct a mistake. Understand that even your most talented editors’ eyes will get tired after looking at page after page of material. Split up the work so that no one gets too exhausted, and ensure that more than one person checks each page. This will greatly reduce the chance of a major blunder occurring.