Camp Memory Books

Summer camp conjures up all kinds of memories from performing in silly skits and playing crazy pranks to hiking, rock climbing along mountain peaks and making S’mores over the campfire. And the best way to preserve those memories is to make a professional-quality memory book using Picaboo Yearbooks online design platform.

Camp memory books can be made by anyone associated with the camp: counselors, camp director or owner, volunteers, parents or even campers. Internet access may not be available at the campsite, but information can still be collected during camp (stories, interviews, maps, photos, etc.) to put together the book after the campers have gone home.

So, what exactly can be featured in a camp memory book? Here are a few ideas:

Conduct a poll among the campers. Find out their favorite camp songs, activities or foods. Organize these into a Top Ten list. Then, on a page featuring campfire memories, include the list as a sidebar along with photos of the campfire crooning and maybe even a QR code featuring videos or audio tunes of the campers in action.

Have one of the campers with an artistic flare draw a map of the camp. Be sure to include all of the important buildings, bodies of water, forests and trails. Have them use bright colors and draw in a fun cartoony style to make the map look more fun.

Enlist everyone’s help. Create a camp memory book committee to take photos, gather stories, interview fellow campers and counselors, etc. If there is Internet access at camp, have them help put the pages together. If there isn’t, either have the campers agree to help with certain pages when they return home or get the assistance of the camp counselors to do it. It’s best to have more people help with this project to get a variety of styles and designs for the pages.

Consider including a full-page spread in the memory book dedicated to the history of the camp. When did it start? Who started it? Why was it started? Include vintage photos if possible.

Include at least one full-page spread for various activities at camp like arts and crafts, horseback riding, water fun (canoeing, swimming, boating, etc.), sports (volleyball, basketball and baseball), science (star gazing) and hiking.
Don’t forget the roster: include the individual photos of all the campers and the staff with their names, camp names and a funny quote.