Catch up with class reunion books!

It’s been 10, 20, 30, or 50 years since you graduated from high school or college. The big milestone reunion is coming up and as part of the reunion committee you’ve got to come up with a unique way for your class to celebrate. Why not put together a Class reunion book?

Class reunion books are a great way for classmates to celebrate the old and the new. These books can include information from the past (school memories and photos, previous reunion memories and photos, etc.) as well as the present (current classmate photos and successes). These yearbooks can be created by just one person in a solo venture, or they can be a collaborative effort with classmates all around the country and the world having access to create pages for the book.

Here are some tips to help you create your own class reunion book:

  • Send questionnaires to your classmates. Ask them to answer the questions about their life post-graduation. This can include information about: career, further education, awards, family, travel, etc.
  • Ask classmates to send in a photo from the time they were in school along with a current photo. These will be placed side-by-side in the classmate roster section of the yearbook. Be sure to provide a deadline to send back the questionnaires and photos.
  • Set up a Storefront ahead of time and promote on social media. Order 5-10 extras to sell the night of the reunion and keep your Storefront open for future orders.
  • Come up with a fun trivia game to include inside the yearbook. Ask questions about the school (Which teacher always came in a mismatched suit to school?), pop culture from the time period (Which movie was a blockbuster hit during your graduation year?), history and politics (Who ran for governor the year we graduated?). Since these books will be given out at the beginning of the reunion, you can turn this list of fun trivia into a prize-winning game.
  • Prank time! Include a fictitious classmate or faculty member in the yearbook and give a prize to the first person who notices this addition.