Get Creative: Using Student Artwork

The yearbook should be a reflection of the students at your school. It should show what life is like and what students are accomplishing both in and outside of school. One of the best ways to give your yearbook an authentic feel is to incorporate original student artwork into the book. Consider these ideas:

Ask a student to design the cover

The cover is one of the more prominent features that a yearbook has to offer, and is a great spot for showing off the creativity within the student body. Run a contest where artistically inclined students can submit a design for the cover, then have the rest of the students or the staff vote on the winner. If you’d like to keep the theme a secret, tap an aspiring senior artist to handle the cover design.

Have students do some of the graphic elements within the book

Yearbooks need plenty of graphic design elements in order to look great. If you’re searching for the perfect illustration or image, consider asking some of your school’s artists to provide their original works. The students will be thrilled to get to see their own designs within the pages of the book, and the finished product will really pop with these added touches.

Incorporate a special section

Give budding writers a chance to show off their work, too, by creating a special section within the book just for student compositions. Dedicate a few pages to short stories, poems and other written works, giving the students major exposure while also providing additional material to enjoy in the yearbook. You can also feature student cartoons and sketches.

Highlight creative accomplishments

If you have a few students who have made a significant splash in the greater creative community, highlight these accomplishments in the pages of your book. Make mention of awards that students have won, show pictures from gallery exhibits and let readers know where they can find students getting creative.

The yearbook should accurately reflect the creativity and talent of your student body, so don’t be afraid to provide many opportunities to showcase original student work. Whether it’s graphic design, drawing, or writing, these unique elements add flavor, personality and excitement to the yearbook.