Creating a PSPA Portrait CD

The guidelines below can be used to create a PSPA formatted Portrait CD for use with the Creator Studio(TM) application. For information on how to edit an existing PSPA CD, please see our PSPA Guidelines Page.

Creating your portrait images

  • Recommended image size: 640×800

  • Images must be saved using the RGB color profile

  • All images must be the same aspect ratio

  • Images must be saved as .JPG or .TIF (.JPG is strongly recommended)

Naming your images

  • Image file names must contain only alpha numeric characters

  • We recommend using 9 characters or less in the image file names

Creating the CD index file

The index file is what stores information about the school portraits, and tells the yearbook application how to import them. The index file must be saved as a comma-delimited text document (.csv). It is highly recommended to create your index file using a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel.

In the index file, information about the portraits is separated by columns. Each student and faculty member has their own row. A typical index file uses 8 columns of information, which must be in this specific order:

  • Volume (usually the name of the CD)

  • Folder Name (this is the name of the folder on the CD that contains the portrait images)

  • Image File Name

  • Grade

  • Last Name

  • First Name

  • Teacher Name

  • Home Room