Generate Ideas and Create Pages Just For You

Encourage your students to take full advantage of the technology behind Picaboo Yearbooks and produce a book that fully encapsulates their year as they remember it. Students can get creative and build a complete book of memories with written word, artwork, signatures and messages from friends and photos all compiled in their own unique copy they will look back on for years to come. When it comes to the topics, here a few suggestions you can make to get them thinking:

  • Remembering that trip you took with your family or with friends

  • The walks to school or afterschool activities

  • Going out on a Friday night

  • Document a day-in-the-life all the way down to what you order in the cafeteria

  • Feature a favorite teacher. He or she warrants inclusion in your yearbook pages

  • Collage pages of photos around the hallways (how about a picture of what your locker looked like? image revisiting these kinds of details years later)

  • Pages dedicated to close friends

  • Pages dedicated to parents and all they’ve done (Maybe even include photos from their school days)

Remember, yes it is a school yearbook, but it can represent an entire year of life experiences both inside and outside of school.

Suggest to students all of the ways to collect stories and photos from friends, family, school staff and classmates – through email, social networking sites or simply spending a few hours recollecting.