Quick Tip: Photos!

Your photography and how you apply it will be a major aspect of your yearbook’s personality. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the initial planning stages of your yearbook as well as during the entire span of your project:

Cover all the bases

For instance, prior to assigning photographers, be sure you have a good sense of what sections you’ll be creating. Communicate the goal for each section and encourage students to focus on targeting those subjects, requiring that they meet deadlines. Whatever those subjects are, be sure you are gathering a good number of clear, concise photos. You’ll always want the colorful random shots, but it’s important to keep track of the specific photos you need for each section as well, so nothing is overlooked.

Next, think about how you are assigning sections.

Regularly check in and follow the schedule you’ve made to see how the sections are filling out. Is one section still lagging? Shift another photographer to help out. Has someone come up with a new idea to include in the book? How soon do you need it done? By checking in and keeping on top of progress you’re helping the yearbook creation move along.

Remember also, you want to allow time for students to edit and manipulate photos throughout the process, so keep that in mind when forming your schedule.

During the process of creating your book, it’s a great idea to have regular meetings just to touch base and say to yourselves “Is there anything we’ve missed?” Chances are that your staff will use this meeting time to really shore up where you are heading, brainstorm and create an even better, richer yearbook.