Bringin’ it Home: Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

Traditional yearbook companies have never really been “friendly” when it comes to making yearbooks for homeschoolers. Minimum-order contracts and pricing structures pretty much left them out of the loop. But that’s all changed with the 21st Century Yearbook. With Picaboo Yearbooks, homeschoolers can get the exact same type of yearbook that they’d get if they went to a traditional school. And they don’t have to buy hundreds of yearbooks in order to have a keepsake. They can print as many color copies of the books as they’d like for as low as $11.00 for a softcover 20-page yearbook. Additional personal pages can be added for an additional fee.

Endless Options
There are many fun possibilities with homeschool yearbooks. Let’s say, you are a homeschooler and you spend most of your time studying your courses in your home environment and occasionally get together with other homeschoolers in a co-op type organization for performances, field trips, and group projects.

All of this can be documented in a yearbook—just make sure you always have a camera with you. Take pictures of that homeschooling science fair. Catch a few shots here and there of your siblings working on their at-home subjects. Snap a photo or two of your parent or guardian or parent-co-op-teacher helping you out with a difficult math problem. Then, when you go to the Picaboo website to start making your pages, you have lots of great material to choose from. Remember, you can include videos on your pages too with that handy QR code!

Solo or Collaborative Design
Creating a yearbook is fun and easy using Picaboo’s user-friendly web-based design program. Homeschoolers can create the books all on their own. Or, they can collaborate with other homeschoolers in their networks and co-ops and create the pages together. The great thing about working in an online system is that these collaborators don’t have to be in the same room or even the same town for that matter when they create their pages! And, in addition to the pages made by the team, each student also gets to design the cover and individual pages that show up in his/her own individual book.

So, here’s how you get started creating your own Homeschooling Yearbook. First, visit Picaboo Yearbook’s homeschool resource page. Click on “Start Project” and then register with your name and email address. After you enter a few more tidbits of information about your project, you can get started designing your cover and creating your pages. You don’t need any type of software on your computer to generate the pages—everything you need is right there on the website.

Your Homeschool Yearbook
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