Picaboo Yearbooks Changes the Way Schools Collect Yearbook Photos

Third party photo contribution allows yearbook staffs to crowdsource event photos


Picaboo Yearbooks, which is on a mission to revolutionize the yearbook, offers a feature called “3rd Party Photo Contribution,” allowing students, parents, administrators, volunteers and teachers to take high resolution photos with their smartphone, digital camera or any other device, and upload them directly to the yearbook committee via a school-specific URL.

“One of the biggest challenges of any yearbook is getting enough great photos that capture school memories and experiences,” commented Kevin McCurdy, CEO of Picaboo Yearbooks. “However, despite living in a world where so many students are taking great high resolution photos with their smartphones and other devices, many school yearbook committees still don’t have access to them. With our 3rd Party Photo Contribution feature, the yearbook committee will be able to receive more images from different sources and perspectives to compliment their photos, or to supplement when school photographers are unable to attend events.”

McCurdy further noted that access to more images is a key way to help make the yearbook more relevant, as more memories are captured, and more school events are included.

“It’s one thing for a student to point to his or her picture and say ‘that’s me.’ It’s an entirely different thing for a student to also say, ‘I took those pictures!’ When students feel excited about the yearbook and that they’re a part of the process, schools will discover that the traditional dilemma of having to store un-sold yearbooks in a closet – and go into debt – will be replaced by enthusiastic demand.”

Picaboo Yearbooks are created through a fun and easy-to-use web app that allows both individual student involvement and collaborative team-based contributions. In addition to purchasing the school-created yearbook, students can also personalize their cover and inside pages to make the yearbook even more meaningful and relevant to them. There are no minimum order requirements, and yearbooks are delivered within three weeks of order. Plus, students who don’t wish to bring home a hardcover or softcover yearbook can create a no-cost eYearbook and view it on their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.