Tips for Creating a Camp Memory Book

Though it may only last a few weeks, summer camp can hold just as many wonderful memories as a school year–long hikes, swimming in the lake, or making s’mores by a campfire with new lifelong friends. Picaboo Yearbook’s online design platform allows you to create a professional quality camp memory book with prices starting at $11.00. Here are a few tips from Anne Downey, Picaboo’s resident camp enthusiast (and proud Camp Aloha alumnae), on creating a yearbook that’s worthy of all your camp memories.

Camp Sessions: To Split or Not To Split? One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to create one yearbook for all the camp sessions or separate yearbooks for each session. ┬áMany camps have multiple sessions with different kids, so if you choose to create different yearbooks for each session, remember to include content that can be reused for every book. Things like scenery and environmental shots, images of counselors, and wide shots of activities like sailing or rock-climbing where you can’t see the faces of the people in the photos can be reused in multiple session yearbooks so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Camp Colors or Appropriate Themes? Next question: how do you want to theme your yearbook? You can use your camp’s official colors throughout the book to give it a cohesive feel, or you can use background images and themes that coordinate with page.

Camp Yearbook Must-Haves Not sure what to include in your yearbook? A great place to start is a letter from the camp director. Or have an artistic camper draw a map of the camp grounds. Dedicate a two-page spread to each camp activity, things like arts and crafts, horseback riding, swimming or canoeing. Enlist volunteers, parents, camp counselors or campers to take lots of photos to include in your pages. Include a QR Code that lets campers view videos from the talent show or a favorite competition. And don’t forget a roster, with individual photos of each camper and their names.

Fill From the Archives Another great tip for creating yearbook content that can be used in multiple session books is to include photos from the camp archives. A page of historic black and white photos and the camp’s history would be interesting: when did it start? Who started it? How has it changed over the years? Or consider including interviews and photos with past camp members for a “Where Are They Now” section.