Picaboo Yearbooks Delivers on Another Banner Year

More than 300,000 books delivered in less than 3 weeks from Order


Picaboo Yearbooks announces the completion of a record year of yearbook sales, production, and delivery. Completing its fifth year, the company delivered over 300,000 books to more than 3,000 schools across North America and internationally. 

Unlike traditional yearbook programs that require significant lead time and limited ordering flexibility, Picaboo Yearbooks delivered every book within three weeks from time of order. The efficiency of the Picaboo Yearbook solution ensured no money was lost by any school on their yearbook project and no debt incurred. With 100% pricing transparency, there are never late or hidden fees, and the price quoted is always the price schools pay. With no upfront commitment on book volume and no submission deadlines throughout the school year, schools benefit from a level of flexibility in production, pricing and fulfillment that is unsurpassed in the industry.

“We love the quick turn-around time to print our yearbooks! It adds an additional two months of coverage before our deadline versus what the other yearbook companies do. Additionally, we love that our PTA earns money from the first book that is sold. No more money lost from over-estimating yearbook sales at the beginning of the year! No other company does that. It’s a no-brainer for PTAs,” said an adviser from Awtrey Middle School.

“We used to sign incredibly expensive contracts with traditional yearbook companies and had to order a large bulk amount. We found ourselves under severe pressure to sell all of the books in order to break even, which never happened. We always had leftover books and lost money. It was terrible. Picaboo has been user friendly with excellent support, quick turnaround time, and the print-on-demand saved us thousands of dollars,” said an adviser from Fort Lupton High School.

Moreover, with advances in technology, the quality of on-demand printed books now match those printed using traditional offset, and delivery can be achieved at a fraction of the time.

“I love Picaboo! I was with another yearbook company and their minimum orders killed us financially. I still have over one hundred books sitting in my office from last year that didn’t sell and had to eat the cost on. Their software was outdated and hard to use. Since switching to Picaboo, we actually MADE money on the yearbook this year, which feels like a miracle. AND the process of creating the yearbook was so much more fun! The software is user-friendly and intuitive. Switching to Picaboo this year has changed my life as a yearbook adviser! Thank you!” said an adviser from Godley High School.

“Thanks to Alice Stewart, Julia Rochevot and Picaboo’s user-friendly software, producing a yearbook was much easier than my staff and I had anticipated. Alice checked on us several times and patiently and promptly answered any questions we had. Julia solved an invoice challenge with ease and a genuine concern to act in our best interest. Who could ask for better with such great customer service, no minimum order, and no deadlines? Thank you for turning a project we feared into a product we love!” said an adviser from West Marion High School.

With the release of the company’s HTML5 application this Fall, Picaboo Yearbooks will be providing an even better platform for enabling yearbook creation and sales. The planned integration with Vidigami’s photo-management solution will allow photos to flow into the yearbook software and pave the way for incredible personalization. Now, yearbook advisers can engage their staff, students and parents to collaboratively collect photos, enriching yearbook memories for every student.

“We look forward to continuing to empower schools with flexible and easy-to-use software for yearbook creation and sales,” said Bill Miles, CEO of Vidigami Inc. and former General Manager of Picaboo Yearbooks. “We are committed to providing our schools with the best solution for capturing, creating, storing and sharing school memories. No other yearbook solution offers a more comprehensive platform to their schools.”