Vidigami and Picaboo Yearbooks: Teaming up to Reinvent the School Yearbook Market

Merger to shape the future of how school memories are captured, stored and shared


Picaboo Yearbooks, a leading provider of publishing software for yearbooks, has merged with Vidigami Media Inc., a SaaS-based, photo management platform designed exclusively for schools. Together, Vidigami and Picaboo Yearbooks promises to shape the future of how school memories are captured, stored and shared for today’s generation of educators, students and families. The combined entity will operate as Vidigami Inc., headquartered in New Hampshire with offices based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Yearbook Story
Picaboo Yearbooks was created to shake up the stale, traditional yearbook industry by building a user-friendly platform where yearbooks are easier to create, content is more relevant to students and the cost barriers are no longer a concern.

“We are thrilled with what this collaboration means for Picaboo Yearbooks,” says Bill Miles, General Manager of Picaboo Yearbooks, and newly appointed CEO of Vidigami Inc. “In the past 5 years, we have successfully enabled schools to create and publish yearbooks more easily and cost-effectively by leveraging advances in digital print technologies. However, collecting and managing photos for yearbooks has always been a challenge. And this problem gets bigger every year! Vidigami designed its photo-management software to serve the needs of schools. No other solution offers the same level of intelligence and customization. The merger with Vidigami puts us at the forefront of the yearbook market where the desire for crowdsourced photos and a more personalized student experience have never been greater. Together, we are going to help every family and student make the most of their school memories.”

Centralizing, Organizing, and Sharing Photos
There is a growing demand among today’s families for greater visibility into the student experience. Vidigami was created to help schools manage the exponential increase of photos and videos that are captured and created by the teachers, students and parents throughout the school year. What’s more, photos and videos have become as important as the written word is to reading and writing. It is apparent in how we engage, how we teach and how we learn. The Vidigami platform provides schools with a solution for crowdsourcing and sharing media within a private and secure environment where schools can better manage content and user access, while keeping their communities thoroughly engaged.

“Vidigami’s goal is to provide our schools with the best place for storing and sharing school memories,” says Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO of Vidigami Media, Inc. and now President of the combined company Vidigami Inc. “Yearbooks have traditionally been how schools have captured and shared school memories. Together with Picaboo Yearbooks, Vidigami will offer schools and their communities the most comprehensive platform for capturing, celebrating and cherishing the life, work and achievements of every student. Vidigami is what schools need, what engages me as a parent and what I want for my children.”

The combination of Picaboo Yearbooks’ publishing software with Vidigami’s photo management solution strengthens both companies’ shared vision of providing schools with the best place for storing and sharing school memories. With Vidigami as the hub for all school photos, memories will no longer be lost across platforms. Access to content is always tailored to the user, whether that user is a yearbook adviser, soccer coach, principal, fundraiser, parent, alum or all of the above. School memories can now be experienced immediately online or treasured in the printed yearbooks, team books and lit mags published via the Picaboo Yearbooks app.