Picaboo Yearbooks Breaks Records; Delivers 1 Million Yearbooks


Having completed its sixth school year running, leading book publishing provider, Picaboo Yearbooks continues its annual double-digit growth. It has now delivered over one million high-quality yearbooks to students and families around the country. Through its industry-best HTML5 publishing platform (known as Creator Studio), advisors have access to an easy-to-use, book publishing system that is accessible via any web browser.

“Thanks to all the input from our customers, we are confident that our HTML5 editor is the best in the market. Fast, full featured, flexible and fun,” says Bill Miles, CEO of Picaboo Yearbooks.

Unlike any other yearbook publisher, no school using the Picaboo Yearbooks editor has ever over-ordered or gone into debt through its yearbook program. Picaboo Yearbooks does not require a minimum order, has no deadlines, and charges no penalties or fees for missing deadlines or requiring changes. Best of all, Picaboo commits to a 3-week publishing turnaround, the fastest in the market.

“The students are so excited about the yearbook and I am so proud of them for what they have created. We are SO THANKFUL for Picaboo Yearbooks! This program has been amazing to work with and has honestly saved our yearbook! We were about to cancel the course, and we were bleeding money with [a traditional yearbook company]. Now, we have seen orders rise because we have been able to actually offer it at a price that is better for our community, yet still make money!” Stacy at a High School.

With the recent integration between Picaboo Yearbooks and Vidigami, a private and secure, collaborative media management platform designed for schools, we are introducing a new way to manage school photos and videos such that they can become valuable assets for year-round publications, community engagement initiatives, marketing and more.

Start using the latest release of Creator Studio for the new school year. The latest version of Creator Studio integrates with Vidigami so photos can flow directly into specific sections of your school yearbook.

With tens of thousands of photos centralized in Vidigami for its schools each year, every club, team and group have the opportunity to produce their own books in a way that is easier than ever. Contact us to learn more.