Open for Business?

Why did you become a yearbook adviser?

Sometimes yearbook advisers are a little lukewarm about their new position. In addition to being challenging-often involving long hours, personal deadlines, undue pressure and frustrations–many advisers dread the business management portion of their job.

The Yearbook ‘Business’
Consider that while the yearbook is very much a living history of your organization, it is also – at the end of the day – a business. Why? Because you are in fact selling a product that you have created for a target market – your parents, students and other fellow faculty members. The yearbook is important to them, and its your job to deliver it. On top of that, whether the total cost of your book boils down to a few hundred or several thousand dollars, you need to keep up with the accounting!

This may seem overwhelming, but have no fear…if you’re working with Creator Studio this school year, you have the ability to set up an online Storefront. This space exists just for your customers, allowing them to order and pay for their yearbooks online. The feature tracks book sales and lets you to download reports for distribution purposes! What’s more, it can be modified at any time (no one will have to know that you aren’t a business management pro!).

Start Marketing
In addition to making your storefront setup easy, Picaboo Yearbooks also makes you look like a marketing pro! PYBs has order forms, flyers, web buttons, advertising sales forms, and lots of other handy tools that you can download, personalize and use to promote your yearbook for the year.

If your Storefront is already set up, be sure to let your communities know about our current pre-order promo. If anyone orders their yearbook before December 31 (2018) at 9PM EST, they’ll get the option to choose between either a gift code for 50% off photo merchandise from OR a 3 night/4 day stay at their choice of accommodations from WestGate Properties!

Tips to Take Away
The following pointers will make you a rockstar business manager at your school:

  1. Make sure you talk to your bookkeeper to find out if you are resale sales tax exempt. If you are, you’ll need to upload your tax exemption form.
  2. Once you upload the exemption form, put a book in your shopping cart and make sure no tax is charged. (If it’s still being charged, please contact your CSS immediately – they’re already a part of your rockstar team!)
  3. When you fill out the organization name under the “Financial” step, make sure that you use whatever name your profit check should be payable to.

Follow these instructions and you will be well on your way to becoming a yearbook advisor extraordinaire – and securing the position for yourself for the foreseeable future!