Tools to Promote Your Yearbook to Families

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer

With in-school marketing temporarily out of the picture, we’ve been exploring some alternative ways to remind families at your school to purchase or personalize their yearbooks. So we can’t use physical posters, flyers, postcards or lawn signs. What can we use? 

With everyone at home, families are on their laptops and smartphones. It’s the perfect opportunity to send them a quick email, or a shout out on social media or your school’s private LMS. Here are some tools and ideas that you can use as a base and customize for your school communities to let them know that the yearbook is still up for sale.

1. Email Templates

The best way to reach families right now is via email. Draft up a newsletter-style campaign reminding parents that the yearbook is still in the works. Here are a couple ideas as a starting point.

Customize it: Need to add some of your school spirit to a template? We can help! Please reach out to your Account Executive or CSS with:

  1. A list of contacts you would like to send the email out to (this is optional if you would like Creator Studio to manage the campaign. Alternatively, a single template will be created for you that you can adapt and send out independently to your community.)
  2. Your school website (so we can design the email based on your school’s brand colors and elements)
  3. Your ‘Call to Action’ – this may be the link to your school’s storefront if you are continuing to drive online sales, or, a link to upload photos.

Our team will use the info above and draft a message that works for your school and your audience as per an agreed timeline.

 2 – Social Media Assets

In addition to email, you may be keeping families updated via other channels, such as social media, a dedicated LMS (Schoology, ClassDojo, Kahoot, Seesaw) or a similar platform for announcements and other school communications. Here’s an idea that you can post along with a callout or description in any of those channels.

3 – Digital Flyer

Instead of a printed flyer or poster, try embedding a downloadable PDF with any additional information you’d like to share with families. You can include information such as the storefront link, deadline for orders, and other instructions.