Delivery Options for Advisers this Season

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer

Times are tough with many school closures in effect, but the yearbook must go on, and we’re here to help you work through the delivery process this season. As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want to share the delivery options available to you, ensuring that you and your school community can still receive their yearbooks one way or another. 

1 – Shipping to Adviser

If we are unable to ship your books to your school, we can ship your books to your (the adviser’s) home so you can make them available for pick up by families as you see fit.

2 – Holding Shipments

If you order your yearbooks while school is closed, your yearbook company may be able to hold the shipment until your school reopens and then have your books delivered when everyone returns. In this case, consider planning for a Summer or Fall delivery. Families can come by the school to pick up the book then. Check out our blog on some great ideas for non-Spring distribution.

3 – Go Electronic

In this day and age, going digital is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Consider rendering the yearbook as a digital copy while school is closed. Families will still be able to purchase and view the record of the year, and as soon as school reopens, they will be able to receive their pre-ordered printed copies as well.

Did you know: If your school is a Vidigami customer, we can help you get your eYearbooks loaded into Vidigami Library as a digital flipbook, allowing families to view their yearbooks along with all the photos and videos captured throughout the school year! Reach out to your Client Success Specialist to learn more about our photo management tool and the Library feature.

Please let your Client Success Specialist know if you are interested in any of the options above.

Above all, please stay healthy, stay strong, and keep in touch with us as we navigate through this period.