3 Free Resources to Help Fill Your Yearbooks

3 Free Resources to Help Fill Your Yearbooks

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer

How did your school cope with the virus? What was distance learning like? How did the students react? What creative ideas did your community come up with?

In our previous blogs, we shared some ways our current advisers are covering the COVID-19 pandemic in their yearbooks. We also explored a couple of story approaches to document the topic and keep your community informed.

There may be several pages or sections in your yearbook that you would have reserved for spring activities and events, many of which may not be happening in light of recent events. We want to help fill those pages with meaningful content, so that you can still deliver a fantastic (and historic) record of your school year. 
Here are 3 free resources we are offering advisers to accommodate any new content and the opportunity to cover what’s been happening the past few weeks in more depth:

1 – Retrospect 2020

2 – Pre-Designed Content on COVID-19

In addition to the Retrospect 2020, we have also released some free pre-designed content specifically covering COVID-19.

This is a huge topic and we want to make sure you get the chance to talk about it in the yearbook. Inspired by content graciously shared by advisers in our community, we’ve compiled a package of pages as well as art. Type in the keyword: covid19 in Backgrounds and Art to locate these elements for your pages.

3 – Free Pages

All this bonus content needs a place to go! We’re excited to now offer up to 16 free pages to cover stories and information related to COVID-19 or any other last minute content you would like to add into your yearbook. That’s a lot of real estate to take advantage of!

*Keep in mind that this offer is limited to 16 free pages above your planned page count and for qualified accounts only. You MUST contact us before April 30 so that we can plan out your extra pages! The offer expires May 1, 2020.

Tip: We know that students look forward to signing each other’s books, and getting teacher signatures too! This year, signing will most likely be virtual. The new ability to set up parent ads and love lines in Creator Studio would be a perfect way to do this! You can make the lovelines free and invite students and teachers to leave virtual signatures that you can add to your book before it goes to print!

Have more questions? Let’s talk! Reach out to your Client Success Specialist or Account Representative if you require any support. You can also email [email protected] or dial our support line at 855-537-0050.