Announcing MyYearbookPhoto

A Milestone Group Announces do-it-yourself yearbook portraits fully-integrated into its yearbook creation process.

HANOVER, NH – Today, A Milestone Group released a fully-integrated, self-service school portrait process whereby yearbook advisers can request school portraits from students and families and flow them right onto the pages of the yearbook. MyYearbookPhoto is the first solution of its kind in the market. It will allow schools to complete their yearbooks with ease and efficiency, just as they have been doing for years with A Milestone Group.

The application is found inside A Milestone Groups’ design software, Creator Studio, and is offered at no additional cost to the school. The adviser simply uploads a list of students or parents into the application and triggers an email to be sent to those individuals.  The students or parents receive the email and can either upload a school portrait, take one themselves or ask a parent or friend to do so.  Once it’s taken, the email recipient submits the photo to the yearbook application where it can be reviewed by the adviser.  If a retake is required, the system handles that as well.  Once the adviser is ready to create the portrait pages, he or she can flow those photos right into our pre-designed layouts and voila, the portrait pages are done.

Given the dynamic school year we are experiencing, MyYearbookPhoto is flexible enough to handle multiple situations.  If a school is closed and all students are learning remotely, MyYeabookPhoto is perfect for collecting portraits and making sure every student is represented in the yearbook.  Or perhaps a school has decided on a hybrid model where some students are working from home and others attend in person.  MyYearbookPhoto can be used to capture the portraits of those missed during the school’s Photo Day.   Maybe a school is closed to visitors or the local portrait photographer has decided not to offer school portraits this year.  MyYearbookPhoto can step in and save the day!  Finally, MyYearbookPhoto can handle reshoots and the collection of photos from students who join a school late in the school year.

Teachers and students are stretched.  New challenges arise seemingly every day.  With MyYearbookPhoto however, the yearbook just got a whole lot easier.  Remember, too, that the yearbook process and the book itself are critical aspects of building and sustaining a school’s culture and community.  We can help create the yearbook this school year.  It’s exceedingly important to the students.

MyYearbookPhoto and Creator Studio are accessible through A Milestone Group’s family of yearbook brands: Milestone Yearbooks, Picaboo Yearbooks, Blossom Yearbooks and Creator Studio Pro