7 reasons why you want to open a yearbook store

At no cost and with a few clicks, you can set up an online store to sell your yearbook. It is easy to set up, reduces your workload substantially and enables you to sell books online around the clock!

Here’s 7 reasons why you don’t want to wait any longer.

  1. It takes stress and pressure off the adviser to collect money so they can create the book.
  2. There is a Store Report tracking of who purchased, so it is easy to distribute the book.
  3. You can pre-sell the book on the store, so that you can begin selling early in the school year to maximize sales.
  4. Purchasing a book is done by parents online and no cash needs to be accounted for.
  5. You can offer personalization in the store, so that each order can be unique and make memories for a lifetime.
  6. Top secret cover to display.
  7. Profit checks are distributed twice a year (February and September) or when requested.

Learn how to set up a store in Creator Studio

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