A Milestone Group Seeing Strong Interest in Yearbooks as it Prepares to Deliver Record Volume


While schools continue to struggle to get back to “normal”, A Milestone Group is experiencing strong interest from its customers to document this unique year in the school’s yearbook.  In addition, A Milestone Group is receiving a record number of inquiries from schools that are seeking a more flexible, modern approach to yearbook creation and delivery.  This is due, in part, to the struggles of traditional yearbook companies adapting to new technology and the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s exciting to talk to so many new schools and be able to provide them the support and flexibility they need to produce a yearbook this season.  With our state-of-the-art editor, flexible deadlines and 3-week turn time, we can provide a yearbook in many situations where the traditional companies cannot,” said Matt Baltes, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “In addition, over the last 12 months, we have upgraded our cover design team and cover production capabilities to match anyone in the industry.  After all that hard work, it’s great to see all the interest in our program.”

Through innovation and creativity, A Milestone Group is positioned well to help its clients produce a memorable yearbook this season.  MyYearbookPhoto, released in late 2020, enables schools to collect portrait photos virtually, either augmenting the traditional portrait photo process or replacing the need for it all together. A Milestone Group’s production capacity remains responsive to demand. It’s network of printing partners across North America have withstood the pandemic and kept deliveries on time. 

Milestone Yearbook’s software, Creator Studio™ allows a yearbook adviser to manage staff through the design process. This online tool gives a yearbook staff creative freedom with professional tools, easy-to-use workflows, and reliable cloud technology for a faster experience.

A Milestone Group’s design team has already produced dozens of custom covers for schools that capture the moment and set the tone for a truly unique yearbook.

A few 2020-2021 custom covers created by A Milestone Group’s design team. 

The design and content team has released nearly a dozen ready-made yearbook themes with drag-and-drop covers and page templates. One such theme plays on the popularity of the Netflix culture. The theme is called Yearflix.

The design and content team regularly releases Extra! Extra! content pages. These are ready-to-print pages that the school can drop into their yearbook. The school can even re-arrange the content on these pages or use only a portion of a page. Content covered so far with Extra! Extra! includes election coverage, impacts of Coronavirus and more.  The team is currently working on several Retrospect pages that will highlight the many events of the past year. These ready-to-print pages help schools tell their story and provide inspiration for additional content.     

“A Milestone Group is ready to deliver for our customers this season and we are expecting record volume.  At this time, I have no concerns about our technology, production capacity or financial position,“ said Bill Miles, CEO.  “I can’t wait to see what schools produce this year.  These books will document a year we will be talking about for generations.”