Parent Ads and Personalization For Your Student

By: Allison Vincent, Marketing Coordinator at A Milestone Group

Parent Ads is a feature that allows parents to celebrate a student’s achievements while also supporting your school. This dedication can make the yearbook even more special for students. This ad space offered to parents can include their own sentimental message, a photo or a photo collage depending on what your school offers. 

If your school offers parent ads, here are some tips to help you spread the word and market to parents:

  1. Direct mail or email to parents. Parents typically communicate with the school through email. Send an email blast from your school with instructions on how to purchase a parent ad. Ask your Account Executive if you need help building this.
  2. Create posters and flyers promoting parent ads to hang around the school and hand out at events. Having posters and flyers around the school will keep the yearbook top of mind for parents and students.
  3. Social Media. Students are constantly checking social media, and parents utilize the schools social media pages for quick updates and information. Blast out your parent ad instructions, deadline, price, etc. Students will see this and remind parents, as well as many parents will see this on their own too.

If you use Creator Studio to design your yearbook, here’s some how-to articles to get you started and familiar with Parent Ads

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