How are you creating awareness and getting the word out about your yearbook?

The last couple of months of school are approaching, you just wrapped up winter activities and are beginning spring ones, the order date for your yearbook may be approaching…have you been marketing that to parents?

Ask yourself, as the adviser, how are you creating awareness around your yearbook? Creating awareness is not only getting the word out to families about purchasing, but also giving an idea of what will be covered in the book. Sneak peaks of a few yearbook spreads or showing off the cover may be a few ways you increase sales this year!

We have put together a list of ideas and things to consider when marketing your yearbook to families and students.

Where to Buy

Plaster the yearbook order link everywhere you can. Social media, posters, email blasts, school newsletter, etc. You may feel like you have sent the link out numerous times and sales still are not where you want them to be? Keep sending! It will take parents at the right moment and time to click the link…yes we have all been there!

How Much?

Post your yearbook price on everything that you send out with the link. If your school has an early bird price, and then a price after a certain date, make that known each time. People are more likely to buy if they see that the price will go up eventually and don’t want to risk missing the deal. 

Social Media

Families and students follow the school’s social media pages for updates and quick reminders. Use this to your advantage in the era of constant social media usage. 

Email blasts from the school 

Have your school secretary send an email out to parents reminding them to order the yearbook.

Email blasts from your yearbook company

We can create and send out detailed emails to a list that you provide us. We do multiple campaigns based on days left to purchase.

Special feature pages being covered

Give a sneak peek of fun pages that will be featured in your yearbook to draw people in and interest them in seeing the rest. Also, showcase the students. Students will be more likely to buy the yearbook if they know they are in it, so showcase a few sports/activities pages. 


This is a big one. People are always curious what the theme for this year’s yearbook will be. If you can, it never hurts to show the cover when sending out an email blast or posting on social media. Or don’t show the cover, but tease about how it’s a surprise. This will get people excited and anxious to receive their copy to see how the theme is showcased throughout the book. 


Before people buy something, they want to know how they will receive it. Make sure you highlight whether you will have a spring, fall or summer pick up or home delivery. 

For more information and help with marketing your yearbook, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Service Specialist today!