What Can You Do to Promote School Culture Within Your Yearbook?

As an educator, or someone who works closely in the education sector, have you ever thought about school culture and why it is so important? The culture at your school can set the tone for the way a student reacts to and thrives in their environment. A positive school culture promotes dedicated students and teachers that have a greater incentive to strive for their maximum potential.

At A Milestone Group we have pledged to take our company towards helping every school reach a thriving culture. Our account executives, client success specialists, marketing department and the entire team at AMG are dedicated to helping students and teachers thrive through solutions that strengthen school culture and community.

Let’s get started on ways to promote and showcase school culture in your yearbook!

Sharing of School’s Mission/Vision/Values 

On the opening pages, include images and verbiage that speak your school’s story. It is important to highlight the school’s mission/vision in the yearbook, as this is the basis for what makes up your school’s culture and a yearbook is a snapshot of your school.

Meaningful parent involvement

Have a spread dedicated to parent helpers and volunteers. From club sponsors, concession stand workers, dance committee helpers, classroom helpers, etc. Highlighting parents and volunteers who help within the district shows all of the commitment to the school and helps shape a positive school culture.

Recognition of personal achievement and good behavior 

Share stories and images of outstanding students and teachers who have gone above and beyond for their school and community. Recognizing people for the important work they have done will inspire others to get out and do the same.

Celebration of rituals and traditions

Show off big events and traditions in your school as a testament to the longstanding culture created within your district! Have spreads and pages dedicated to homecoming week festivities, assemblies for school pride, teacher/staff appreciation week, etc. anything that your school does each year to show the long standing support for a positive school culture and experience.

Share stories and images of innovation in the classroom and within your district

Encouraging innovation and forward thinking in your district and within your students helps to shape a positive school culture. Trying new things, pushing the line of comfort and encouraging students to go above and beyond help show that your school is nurturing and supportive and is always striving to be better.

Above are just a few ideas of how you can start showcasing your school’s culture in your yearbook. We would love to hear additional ideas from your school, or see examples of how you have showcased school culture!