Sell Yearbooks and Win $100

Calling all yearbook advisers!

It’s only November and maybe you haven’t started on your yearbook yet. That’s ok (don’t wait too long to get started!), but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until Spring to start selling your yearbook. In fact, you’ll sell more yearbooks if you start selling them now.

Set up your yearbook for sale in an online store today and start collecting those orders. See all our help videos on how to set up a store here on YouTube. To get you started promoting your store, here’s a flyer you can fill out and send home with students.

Now that you have your store set up, here’s the best part: sell 15+ books by December 1st and you’ll get $100 toward more books! Use these books to give as gifts to staff or students, donate a copy to your school library or common area or keep a copy for yourself.

Here are the details:

  • $100 is awarded to each yearbook project that sells 15+ books from October 1-December 1, 2021
  • The $100 reward is paid out in the form of a Voucher Code.
  • The code may be used by the adviser to purchase books from their store. 
  • The code will be provided to the Account Executive to give to the school by December 15 to distribute.