Give the Gift of Memories with a Yearbook

One way to sell yearbooks this holiday season is to organize a sales campaign with your staff to promote the yearbook as a holiday gift. Give parents a unique idea for a memorable, last-minute gift while also increasing sales within your yearbook program.

There are many reasons to give a yearbook as a gift. Here are just a few:

Give the gift of school memories. 

What student wouldn’t love a keepsake from their school year? A yearbook stays with them for years to come so they can enjoy looking back on those memories again and again. 

Surprise your student. 

Maybe your child has never received a school yearbook. Since you are getting Christmas gifts for your student anyway, why not surprise them with a yearbook pre-order as one of those gifts on Christmas morning?

Support local schools.

Instead of more money toward Walmart or, give back to your school by supporting its yearbook program. The yearbook builds a stronger school community, which in turn improves student morale and success.

Their friends will be jealous. 

Once your student tells their friends they have  a yearbook coming, those who aren’t already getting one will want one! Okay, maybe this isn’t much of a reason, but what kid doesn’t want to be a trendsetter? 

If you don’t get it for them, they probably won’t.

Kids can’t normally afford to buy a yearbook on their own. You could make them work for it and convince them to save their money for one. Or you could be the hero and give it as a gift!  

To encourage parents to buy, we’ve put together this simple promotion for your use:

  1. We can customize the attached graphic for your school to email or share with parents, or you can customize the Canva template yourself here. A free Canva account is required. 
  2. After pre-ordering a book, the parent can download a certificate here as a placeholder gift: 
  3. We can send an email with the purchasing info to parents on behalf of your school. We do recommend schools send it themselves, however, for better deliverability. 

Please reach out to your sales representative or customer success specialist if you need customized marketing materials or have additional questions.

Happy Holidays!