How to Tell the Whole Story with Your Yearbook 

You and your team work hard to produce content for the yearbook. Even after covering clubs, school activities, student opinions and more, there are always other ways to tell a more complete story of the year. Or maybe you’ve covered everything but have just a few more pages to fill. That’s why A Milestone Group offers Extra! Extra! Pages in its yearbook editor. Keep reading to find out what these pages are all about and how they can help the yearbook tell the whole story this year.   

Tell the Whole Story

The job of the yearbook is to tell the story of the year, but how do you tell the story beyond the walls of the school building? As adults, we look back at our time in school and remember not only what was happening at school, but also what was going on in the world around us. 

A good example of this is the winter and summer Olympics that take place every two years. The Covid-19 pandemic caused the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to be postponed until the summer of 2021. You don’t want to miss mentioning such an important event in the yearbook. We’ve made it easy for you to include it with a 4-page Summer Olympics Report

Another example of covering topics outside of school this year is a recap of the top jobs of the past year. The Top Jobs two-page spread, highlights ten of the careers that are currently in demand. Not only does this kind of content report on the job market, but it also inspires students to learn about future careers. 

What might also inspire young people while reporting on current times is a list of influential people. The 10 Influential People list highlights the impact people like Vice President, Kamala Harris or LeBron James have made on the world. Impact performers make like Dua Lipa, by not only being named Best New Artist, but also by raising funds for charities. Lipa’s charitable foundation supports financially stricken people in Kosovo.  

Extra! Extra! Pages are great for reporting on the kinds of things young people are interested in such as tech, entertainment and social media. Here are a few of the Extra! Extra! Pages young readers will find valuable and help tell the whole story of the year. 

10 Best App – Highlights ten trending apps for photo editing, mixing beats, getting things done learning a new language and more. 

iPhone vs Android – Side-by-side comparison of the similarities and differences between the rivaling smartphones.

The Playlist – A playlist of the 50 most played songs on Spotify. 

Social Media by the Numbers – The facts behind how much TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram get used.  

Streaming Wars – A comparison of the growing list of movie and tv streaming services.

What’s In a Smart Home – Smart home tech is on the rise. This map shows where in the home smart technology can add convenience and safety.  

Make it Interactive

Give your yearbook readers some fun by offering pages they can fill in themselves. Filling in their likes and memories will make the yearbook a truly personal keepsake. Here are some Extra! Extra! Pages where readers can interact with the pages. 

About Me – For lower to middle-grade levels. Helps them document their favorite things, memories, friends and teachers.  

My Year Recap – For higher grade levels. Helps them document their favorite memories, friends, dances, events attended, achievements and future plans.

This or That? – Given two choices, which one would you prefer? A fun way for students to get to know themselves and their friends. There’s a version for lower-grade levels and a version for middle-grade levels.

What’s Your Most Loved Book Series? – Students can check off which book series are their favorites. There are three versions–one for each lower, middle and higher grade level. 

What Are Your Most Love Movies? – Students can check off which movies from the past year are their favorites. There’s a version for lower to middle-grade levels and a version for higher grade levels.

Make it School Specific

Did we mention that Extra! Extra! Pages are 100% editable? Once you add Extra! Extra! Pages to your project, you can edit any of the text, colors, images or layout. 

Edit these pages if you need to create space for additional content or customize it with school-specific content. Here are some ideas for doing so.

Fashion Frenzy! – Swap out the images with photos of fashion trends from your school. 

Streaming Wars – Take a poll among students on what their favorite streaming service is and publish the results on this spread. 

What You Can Buy with $2022 – Come up with some examples specific to your school or community. For example, how many homecoming tickets can you buy for $2022? 

It Couldn’t Be Any Easier

If you are wanting to tell more of the story of the past year, or just need to fill those few extra pages, Extra! Extra! Pages are the easiest pages you’ll ever add to your yearbook. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Sign in to Creator Studio and open your project. 
  2. Find two blank pages where you want to add extra content.
  3. Click on the “Themes” panel on the left.
  4. Scroll down and click the theme called “Extra! Extra! 2022”
  5. Find a design you want to view. 
  6. Drag the design onto your blank pages. (Extra! Extra! Pages come in two-page spreads)
  7. You’re done! Or you can continue to edit and customize the content as mentioned above.

Watch the video below to see how Extra! Extra! Pages can be added and edited.