Beyond the Halls: Highlighting Student Activities Outside of School

Sometimes it can feel like you spend your entire life at school – from early morning sports practice to afternoon club meetings. But the truth is, a lot goes on off-campus, and your yearbook should reflect that. Students do a lot in their spare time, from volunteering to vacationing and everything in between. Because yearbooks are snapshots of student life, it only makes sense to include the activities beyond the halls.

Start off by considering what types of additional activities you’d like to include in the book. Is there something in particular with which a lot of students are involved? Take a look at anything exceptional that’s happened or will be happening this year – is a student going to the national championship for martial arts? Is someone traveling to Europe with their choir? Talk to your friends and ask them to talk to their friends. Chances are there are a few major events in which students are involved outside of school.

Vacations are another great way to snapshot your classmates. Ask students to send photos of vacations they’ve taken since last year – everything from a day trip to an amusement park to an adventure in Puerto Rico. Putting together a collage or a few pages dedicated to the adventures your classmates are having will create a great platform for their memories and the experiences of the school as a whole when class isn’t in session. Are there any groups going on volunteer or service trips? Make sure to spotlight their experiences, as well. You can dedicate an entire section to volunteerism, or just a few shout-outs.

By including what your classmates are up to when they aren’t at school, you’re creating a holistic view of what life is like for the students who are part of your community.  The best part about looking back at your yearbooks in a few decades might very well be the candid photos and events depicting what you and your friends were doing after the bell rang. Make sure to keep the call for submissions open, to ensure every student feels that they have something they can contribute if they so choose.

How do you represent activities outside of school in your yearbook?