Better Articles Make Better Yearbooks

While students love scanning through the yearbook to check out pictures of their friends and themselves, the articles in the book are also a major part of the final product. The articles in your yearbook help to give an accurate portrayal of student life, and illustrate what makes the school special. In order to make your articles an equally impressive part of the yearbook, consider these tips:

The Right Writer

In order to really make the articles stand out, you’ll want to choose the writer carefully. When the person writing the article has a real passion for the subject, their words are more vivid and their language comes alive. If you’re doing a feature on a choral group, find someone who loves music to author the piece. When writing about sports teams, choose someone who’s a fan and regularly attends games. The passion for the subject of the piece will become apparent in the writing.

Choose the right stories

When it comes to your yearbook, space is limited. Because of this, you’ll want to select the topics of your articles carefully. If there’s a particular group or event that really defines your school (a homecoming tradition, for example, or a unique sports team) make sure to give the topic plenty of ink. There are no set rules about the kinds of pieces your yearbook must feature. Just make sure that the articles do the community justice and really demonstrate what makes that school special.

Fact check

The words in the yearbook are there to stay, so it’s important that all parts of the story are correct. Instead of assuming that a fact or detail is accurate, double check to verify. This way, when students look back in later years, they’ll remember their time in high school accurately.

While it’s easy to get caught up in candids and captions, putting time and attention toward writing eloquent articles will help the yearbook to become a valuable part of that school’s history and culture.