Marketing Ideas for Your Yearbook

The goals of a yearbook marketing campaign are to build interest, generate excitement and create anticipation. These things can only be accomplished with an enthusiastic staff and a detailed marketing plan that results in the actual sale of yearbooks.

If your school permits assemblies, obtain permission for a short presentation. Enliven your presentation with banners, music, slides, a skit, or a good comedian. Do what it takes to generate excitement. Assemblies usually work well to kick-off the campaign.

As constant reminders of the upcoming yearbook sale, posters should be put up in hallways and other high-traffic areas where students and faculty members can see them. Also, use banners in front of the school or put your yearbook order information on the school’s sign.

Showcase displays help build anticipation. Use yearbooks from last year, showing the cover design and interesting spreads. Display old yearbooks and even the very first yearbook the school ever had. Include a sign reminding students that your yearbook sale is going on.

Create flyers to advertise your yearbook and mail them, email them to parents, and hand them out at events. Make sure every student in school (and their parents!) knows that the yearbook is on sale. This type of promotion might incur a little advance expenditure, but it is well worth it.

Retailers have discovered telemarketing to be the most dynamic and fastest growing way to increase sales. This just might be the new approach you’re looking for. Some students don’t buy yearbooks, but that doesn’t mean their parents aren’t interested in buying. They will be impressed that someone cares enough to call and tells them how to buy!

Mass Communication
Use the school P.A. system or closed circuit television to promote the yearbook campaign. Prepare your sales message in advance and have it delivered by a personable live announcer. Avoid having your announcement read by the same person who gives all the other announcements.

Using the School’s Website to Advertise
Your school’s website is where parents go for information. Download our web graphics and place them on your school’s home page with a link to your school’s custom storefront URL. Your school’s IT department can help you with this.

Take these ideas and get started!