Design & Inspiration

Building Eye Catching Covers

By: Mike Stephens, Senior Graphic Designer at Milestone Yearbooks Have you ever heard the expression “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”? It’s been around in print for nearly 200 years, and it shows that design has impacted viewers for a very long time. In the world we currently live in today it’s one Building Eye Catching Covers

We’ve Got It ‘Covered’

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer Cover Check! The cover is the gift wrap on the present you have worked so hard to create all year: your book! But it’s so much more than just a gift wrap. The cover plays a very important role in every year’s creation: It builds anticipation for what is inside! It We’ve Got It ‘Covered’

Yearbook Theme Ideas

Tired of brainstorming and just want to pick a yearbook theme already? We feel ya. Below are some ideas… Mascot/School Colors ____ and Black Attack [Mascot]book [Mascot]gram [Mascot] Unleashed #[Mascot] A [Mascot] ’s Tale Anatomy of a [Mascot] As Good as Gold Bear Necessities Bear Tracks Causing an Uproar Caught Red-Handed Central Time Diary of Yearbook Theme Ideas

Yearbook Cover Design

When it comes to yearbooks, people WILL judge your book by its cover. We’ve compiled some important tips to help you create the best yearbook cover design possible for your project. 1. Be aware of the wrap zone and crop zone. This will help you avoid unwanted whitespace. 2. Keep important elements such as text and faces Yearbook Cover Design