Creating an Editorial Calendar

Yearbooks are about what happened this year to your student body and in the school in general. It’s a book that helps preserve the memories of your entire school of students for an entire year. While this may almost seem like an impossible task, using an editorial calendar can make the impossible a reality. Finding Creating an Editorial Calendar

Open for Business?

Why did you become a yearbook adviser? Sometimes yearbook advisers are a little lukewarm about their new position. In addition to being challenging-often involving long hours, personal deadlines, undue pressure and frustrations–many advisers dread the business management portion of their job. The Yearbook ‘Business’Consider that while the yearbook is very much a living history of Open for Business?

Recruiting a Team and Theme

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer You’re the yearbook adviser! Congratulations! And, now you have several volunteers to help…every adviser’s dream 😉 So, what roles should you give to them? This will be much easier when you know the functions of each team member role in Creator Studio: Sr. Editor: Sr. editors function in much Recruiting a Team and Theme

Yearbook Ladder Planning

We’ve all heard the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” It’s true; no matter how diligently we plan—for lessons, for weddings, for whatever—something is bound to go wrong. Or is it? Proper yearbook ladder planning is one sure-fire way to help avoid those yearbook emergencies! KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE. Yearbook Ladder Planning

Build Your Yearbook Team: Roles

Now that you’ve learned HOW to add team members, in this post we will define the various roles, how to assign specific pages and how to determine if the team members you have invited have accepted your invitation. Roles From the Add a new teammate screen that you learned about in the last post you Build Your Yearbook Team: Roles