Ideas & TIps

Yearbook Theme Ideas

Tired of brainstorming and just want to pick a yearbook theme already? We feel ya. Below are some ideas… Mascot/School Colors ____ and Black Attack [Mascot]book [Mascot]gram [Mascot] Unleashed #[Mascot] A [Mascot] ’s Tale Anatomy of a [Mascot] As Good as Gold Bear Necessities Bear Tracks Causing an Uproar Caught Red-Handed Central Time Diary of Yearbook Theme Ideas

Making a Homeschool Yearbook with Hannah Carpenter

Over the last few months, we’ve followed along as artist, Instagrammer and homeschool mom Hannah Carpenter set out to create a homeschool yearbook for her children using Picaboo Yearbooks. With our no minimum order policy, yearbooks can be a reality for everyone–even homeschool students! Now that her kids have received their yearbooks in the mail, we’re Making a Homeschool Yearbook with Hannah Carpenter

A Color Theory Cheat Sheet

Wondering which colors to use for your yearbook theme, but not sure how to choose? Try your hand at a few basic color theory principles. Color theory is a guide to mixing colors, with certain principles dating all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Modern color theory that we use today was adapted from A Color Theory Cheat Sheet

Yearbook Theme Development

Once upon a time there was a yearbook adviser; we’ll call her Princess Picaboo (Princess P for short). Princess P was well on her way to creating a dynamic yearbook—one that would be treasured for all of time. But there was one thing missing. Dun. Dun. Dun! A theme. A NECESSARY EVILWhile a theme is Yearbook Theme Development

Developing Yearbook Stories

Everyone knows that a yearbook is more than just a bunch of class portraits—it’s a reflection of a specific time and place: your year at your school. And while photos play a huge part in documenting your year, feature stories add depth and dimension to the visual record. So, what are you going to write Developing Yearbook Stories