Ideas & TIps

Tips for A Great Distribution Day

You’ve put the finishing touches on your perfect, wonderful yearbook. You’ve checked for errors once, twice, three times, and then, you sent it to print. Congratulations! But…now what? As you wait patiently for that glorious yearbook delivery, here are a few tips on ways to use your downtime and make sure that Distribution Day goes Tips for A Great Distribution Day

Bringin’ it Home: Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

Traditional yearbook companies have never really been “friendly” when it comes to making yearbooks for homeschoolers. Minimum-order contracts and pricing structures pretty much left them out of the loop. But that’s all changed with the 21st Century Yearbook. With Picaboo Yearbooks, homeschoolers can get the exact same type of yearbook that they’d get if they went Bringin’ it Home: Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

Marketing Your Yearbook

The goals of a yearbook marketing campaign are to build interest, generate an air of excitement and create anticipation. These can only be accomplished with an enthusiastic staff and a detailed marketing plan that results in the actual sale of yearbooks. Online & On-Campus Sales Picaboo Yearbooks offers you the opportunity to sell yearbooks online. Marketing Your Yearbook

Yearbook Ladder Planning

We’ve all heard the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” It’s true; no matter how diligently we plan—for lessons, for weddings, for whatever—something is bound to go wrong. Or is it? Proper yearbook ladder planning is one sure-fire way to help avoid those yearbook emergencies! KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE. Yearbook Ladder Planning

Make Your Pages Pop!

Adding Art to your yearbook pages adds tons of character and allows for even more creativity in the artistic direction of your book. You may have already begun using some of the Art in our web app, but did you know you can make and add your own? In a nutshell, Art are shapes – Make Your Pages Pop!

Yearbook Photos: Creative Tips

The school year is well underway, events are happening and hopefully your staff is out taking lots (and lots!) of yearbook photos. We thought we’d give you a few pointers to pass along that may help your students capture their subjects. Keep it simple Ask yourself: What is my subject? Then move around and shoot, Yearbook Photos: Creative Tips

Holidays: How Students Celebrate

Incorporating holiday celebrations into your yearbook can bring about pages that are both unique and creative. Think about your school’s student body. Do the students in your school celebrate Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Passover or Kwanza? If so, then why not design a page that features the important aspects of each holiday. Interview students about Holidays: How Students Celebrate