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Bringin’ it Home: Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

Traditional yearbook companies have never really been “friendly” when it comes to making yearbooks for homeschoolers. Minimum-order contracts and pricing structures pretty much left them out of the loop. But that’s all changed with the 21st Century Yearbook. With Picaboo Yearbooks, homeschoolers can get the exact same type of yearbook that they’d get if they went Bringin’ it Home: Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

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Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional methods (graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs) are used to promote a product or an idea. Not just for fanzines and indie music, this type of promotion is now being used by yearbook staffs. Here are some of our favorites: Hey girl An “Internet meme” is Guerrilla Marketing

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