Keep it Clever: Yearbook Captions 101

Flip open any yearbook page and chances are you won’t just see a spread-full of photographs. That’s because a yearbook is more than just a book of photos; It’s a place where you find eye-catching headlines, short paragraphs, and witty captions that really tell the behind-the-scenes story of the page. Writing clever yearbook captions can seem like Keep it Clever: Yearbook Captions 101

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Yearbook Theme Development

Once upon a time there was a yearbook adviser; we’ll call her Princess Picaboo (Princess P for short). Princess P was well on her way to creating a dynamic yearbook—one that would be treasured for all of time. But there was one thing missing. Dun. Dun. Dun! A theme. A NECESSARY EVILWhile a theme is Yearbook Theme Development

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Tips for A Great Distribution Day

You’ve put the finishing touches on your perfect, wonderful yearbook. You’ve checked for errors once, twice, three times, and then, you sent it to print. Congratulations! But…now what? As you wait patiently for that glorious yearbook delivery, here are a few tips on ways to use your downtime and make sure that Distribution Day goes Tips for A Great Distribution Day

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Creative Yearbook Sales Strategies: Promos

All this talk about creative yearbook sales may be tough if you don’t feel like a “creative person,” but you don’t need to be! Sometimes the most effective sales strategy for the yearbook is just to talk about it… a lot. Talk about the yearbook early, and often. Create a sense of urgency and buzz. Creative Yearbook Sales Strategies: Promos

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Creative Sales Strategies: Frames and Mirrors

Imagine Yourself in the Yearbook Yearbooks are all about the preservation of memories, so why not be memorable when it comes to selling your book? This yearbook sales idea is all about using frames and mirrors to capture attention and sell yearbooks. This idea just takes a trip to your local dollar store, some poster Creative Sales Strategies: Frames and Mirrors

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Yearbook Photos: Creative Tips

The school year is well underway, events are happening and hopefully your staff is out taking lots (and lots!) of yearbook photos. We thought we’d give you a few pointers to pass along that may help your students capture their subjects. Keep it simple Ask yourself: What is my subject? Then move around and shoot, Yearbook Photos: Creative Tips

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Sell Yearbooks Online with Your Free Storefront!

At no cost and with a few clicks, you can set up an online store to sell your yearbook. It’s easy to set up, reduces your workload substantially and enables you to sell yearbooks online around the clock! Top 5 reasons why you should set up a Yearbook Storefront: 5. Your community can contribute photos Sell Yearbooks Online with Your Free Storefront!

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Holidays: How Students Celebrate

Incorporating holiday celebrations into your yearbook can bring about pages that are both unique and creative. Think about your school’s student body. Do the students in your school celebrate Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Passover or Kwanza? If so, then why not design a page that features the important aspects of each holiday. Interview students about Holidays: How Students Celebrate

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