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In It Together Yearbook Challenge

Join the In It Together Yearbook Challenge!

The In It Together Yearbook Challenge is a school’s commitment to bring the yearbook experience to every student. Fulfilling this challenge will look different for each school. Milestone Yearbooks and Picaboo Yearbooks are committed to working with schools who are up for the challenge. A school’s yearbook program is a powerful influence on its community and culture. After all, every student deserves to remember the school experience for the rest of their lives.

How the Challenge Works


Everyone IN the Yearbook

First, commit to representing every student at your school in the yearbook. We’re talking about more than a portrait photo. We’ll help you learn how to gather photos and stories from students and families to make your yearbook the best it can be.


Everyone OWNS a Yearbook

With everyone in the yearbook together, everyone deserves to own the yearbook. Like most schools, your yearbook is not getting purchased by every family. The number one reason is cost; we get it. We have ideas for reducing the cost per book while raising money to buy yearbooks or supplement costs for every student.

Depending on your school, this challenge to get a yearbook into every student’s hands may be a multi-year process. If that’s the case, we’ll help you find ways to break down your goal over the first 2 or 3 years.

It’s time to make the yearbook a year-long, school-wide program at your school! Take the In It Together Yearbook Challenge and your school community will grow stronger from it.

How to Join the Challenge


Join the challenge by signing up at Milestone Academy.


With Milestone Academy, you’ll get access to our step-by-step guides to creating a plan, gaining support and raising funds. Find the course called “In It Together Yearbook Challenge”.


Don’t forget to join the conversation in the “In It Together Yearbook Challenge” group where you can connect with other schools, share ideas, encouragement and support.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Sign up for Milestone Academy (it’s FREE) to join the conversation and get access to step-by-step guides.

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In It Together

As we begin the 2021-22 school year and look back on what school has been like since early spring 2020, we’ve come a long way. One thing we’ve learned a lot about in the past year and a half is that during bad times or good times, in the classroom or at home, a school’s community is in it together.

Your school’s success is in large part based on its culture–its collective behaviors and beliefs. The more your school can improve its culture, the happier and more successful students, staff and parents will be. That’s why it’s important to create a strong sense of school pride, belonging and togetherness. Thankfully, most schools have had a school-wide program for strengthening school culture around since the start of the school–the yearbook program.

Just as everyone at your school rallies together in school pride, everyone deserves to be in the yearbook together. Most likely, you already try to represent everyone at your school at least once in the yearbook. That’s fantastic! The In It Together Yearbook Challenge will help you involve everyone in creating the yearbook, promoting the yearbook and enjoying the final product together.

Are you ready to take the challenge and make your yearbook program truly a school-wide program? We’re here to help! Let’s make a plan together on how your school can be in it together!

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